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Adding bot crashes map, custom maps crash [SOLVED?]
Sup y'all.
This post is me discovering and then diagnosing a problem I've had. I'll describe what happened:

I've got a linux server running srcds_l on ubuntu 9.04, with Mani 1.2o, ES_Tools and Gungame4 plugged-in.
I would load a map, or it would crop up in the mapcycle, but then crash (that is, kick up the ubiquitous 'Segmentation Fault') when I tried to add a bot. After that point, the map would fail to load, and crash out before Round_Start. It took me a while to realise that the specific map crashing was related to adding the bot to this map, and I put it down to faulty map design or compilation, so I omitted it from the maplist.
After realising the correlation, I solved this problem by deleting the relevant .nav file in the maps/ directory of the server, and the map would load fine. The reason for this is that Counter-strike creates its own bot navigation file if one isn't present for the map, and in the case of certain maps (mostly glassfloor_* maps) it generates a faulty .nav file, which caused my server to crash.

All I can say, is that if your server is crashing after adding bots to custom maps, or custom maps are crashing for no reason, rename or delete the .nav file for that map and see if that allows the map to load. If it does fix the problem, you'll have to create a bot navigation file for that map manually. Although god knows how, I haven't mapped since I was 15!

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