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Problem with connection[Help Please]

I install the srcds and install mani admin plugin, quake sounds, detox and other plugins. But when my friends connect in my server and go out, after they can't connect other time to the server.. Then i restart the server and they can play after that but when they go out,they can't connect to my server. They can't find and the server don't respond...

How can i fix this problem??
How Can i Fix This Problem??

When somewone enter in my server, the the server don't respond...

Without knowing anything about your server there is nothing we can help you with.

We need more information:

1. Server.cfg setup

2. server hosted at home or on hosted service?

3. Router ports forwarded?

Also, have you tried running a generic basic TF2 server without admin mods and plugins and got your friends to try play on that?
PLEASE! Search before you make a thread! - How To Make A Help Thread!

Post server.cfg information, and specific information on how you are running your server!

Ensure you add REP! if they solved your problem Smile

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