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srcds for windows vista
i was wondering if u could tell me if u can use srcds for windows vista and if so plzzzzzz tell me[/font]
You can use it for Windows Vista.

Just use an XP guide, it's almost the same. Smile
yeah ive tried but when i do the cmd thing it just doesnt load anything and i really want 2 have my own server
I run it on vista, what cmd thing are you talking about?

Did you get the updater to work?
i dont no?
just when i click the updater it comes up and then goes away nothing happens

Read this. When you Press start, type cmd in the search bar, and it will open the command prompt Smile
The new version of HLDSUpdateTool will be downloaded now. As soon the cursor just blinks, press CTRL-C.
what does soon as the cursor blinks mean
You just need to do everything from inside a CMD that is running as Admin.
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I'd suggest you find some basic readmes or howtos on how to get the server running.

Here is the one I used:

edit: this one is a little easier for someone not familiar with pcs
Perhaps learning to use a computer would be a good idea too. I hope you aren't going to play the game on the same machine running the server.
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The problem with better internet speeds these days is your average steam gaming teen always wants "dey adminzzz111" so creating a server is the best idea they can afford.

However....... adminzzz111 is not so great lol....
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