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Tf2 SRCDS DLL errors
Just a bit of background info.
Originally, both of our TF2 servers were working fine [24/7 DBowl and Grush] but the garrysmod installation within orangebox kept kicking people for Invalid steam key size despite being updated. I heard that copying to files from Source 07 Binaries over would fix that. It did, but then in the process somewhere it broke the TF2 servers, and whenever I launch them, the error "SteamAPI_GetHSteamUser could not be located in steam_api.dll" which is one of the files copied from the GCF. Sometimes the error would turn into "SteamAPI_GetHSteamPipe could not be located in steam_api.dll"
I find both of those bizarre because since both gmod and tf2 use the same engine, I'm suprised this error doesn't come up with both games.
Steps taken to rectify:
Made a new, clean gmod and tf2 directory [renamed original folders and ran update tool]
Replaced both engine.dll and steam_api.dll with different versions multiple times
Made a new SRCDS directory just for TF2 to eliminate any potential issues with both games.

Q6600 I think, I'm not entirely sure.
8GB of ram
Windows server 2003 64bit Standard
Startup command #1: C:\srcdsfortress2\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game "tf" +fps_max 1000 -tickrate 100 +map cp_dustbowl -maxplayers 32 +hostname " Clan #6 | 24/7 Dust Bowl Server | Recruiting " +exec server.cfg +ip +port 27018

Startup command #2: C:\srcdsfortress2\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game "tf" +fps_max 1000 -tickrate 100 +exec server.cfg +map pl_goldrush -maxplayers 32 +hostname " Clan #5 | 24/7 Gold Rush Server | Recruiting " +ip +port 27017

Update/Install command: C:\srcdsfortress2\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game tf -dir C:\srcdsfortress2 -verify_all

I hope that is enough info for ya. I'm stumped so this is the next place to get help.

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