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Heres the story:
My friend has 25mb\s down and 5mb\s up internet, and a decent server computer that can run a 32 slot TF2 server without a skip. I access this computer via logmein.

The problem:
This computer is also the family pc, we are constantly fighting over control and has resulted in me blanking and locking keyboard/mouse when I am woroking which leads them to shut off the pc and down goes the server.

My question:
Would I be able to run another windows via the mircrosoft virtualization
program and be able to run a server if I allow it to access all the resources? The computer should be able to handle it since the xp on it is extremely compact and so will the xp I will be using.


Well if its the family pc running virtualization would be a huge load on the system running the pc aswell as the server....

I would just do everything by console if its settings on the server, and if you need to change some files or settings on the PC ring and check that your going to use it.

Maybe setup a schedule with them say "on mondays/wensdays and fridays I need computer from 6pm - 7pm"

But otherwise, save up some $$$ and build a new pc together and run the server off that via LAN, that way the family pc is no longer an issue.

Servers are very cheap these days you could prob pick up on for $500-600 new ....

just rax a case from some second hand place.
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Its not really good running a virtual server on a windows box, if its linux it might be fine, but not windows. Also if they run a program, it could lag your server.
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Hmm alright thanks for the replys, I think I am going to try it just to see the effects before I go buy another computer, or a paid host.

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