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Constant Spikes in HLSW
I have been all over this forum and I have not seen anyone posting about this type of issue.

-Issue: running a standard 14 slot public source server on a 100mbit connection. source installed correct, server running correctly, players able to connect. Pings jump some in game; however when you look in HLSW or a similar third party program the pings to the server make jumps from "20-30ms" more than normal. This is constant and happens approx. every 2-3 seconds. I have worked with tickrates, fps, updaterates... you name it and I have not found a way to fix this.

Someone please help me out there.

- System Information:

ASUS Intel P4 3.0Ghz
Linux RH Fedora Core3 (2.6K)

- There are two other servers running on the same system, both cs 1.6 servers. These servers do not have the same issue.

Note: this server is running on its own ip and port.

Please help me out here.

Thank You

It might not be the server. It's more than likely the datacenter's routing. Could also be your ISP's routing.

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That would be understandable, if the issue was for all game servers running on the server and/or in this data center. I have another server colocated that is full of hlds servers and they do not have the same issue. As well as, like i stated in my first post, I also have hlds servers running on the same hardware and there is no issue with it on ANY of my hlds servers. This seems to me ONLY with srcds servers.

Any other ideas?

Anyone else have any ideas on what could be causing this?

is it happening only in hlsw? so when your in game, you don't see the spikes?
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in-game ping is usually different from out of game ping, as I believe they use a different protocal for estimating the latency.
In-game everything is great; however in HLSW it spikes like crazy. I dont know what is causing this and I would really like to fix it. This doesnt happen with any other servers so I cant figure out why it is with this one.


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