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TF2 Server Performance TERRIBLE
With these last updates, I have everyone complaining about lag, dropped frames and whatnot. Server FPS is awfully bouncy as high as 500, as low as 17. I have no idea what to try. I feel like i've messed with every kernel option there is, every chrt option, every rate cvar setting....

Base Info
Atlanta, GNAX/NetDepot
It's an IC7 Chipset server + Q9440 Proc, 4gig ram, 100mb/s transfer, centos5.2 64 bit.
32 players

Is this just happening to me? If this keeps up, I am going to cancel the freaking thing. Should I maybe go with a different os?

I think the last kernel i tried was, 500hz/1000, full preemt Sad

RT patched Kernels don't seem to compile.

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