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More to go on?
Here you can see a graph:

[Image: 418316.jpeg]

It's 2 match servers with 13 players each playing! Plus 1 public with 20 players! I started lagging one time! Think it's because of one guy downloading map from apache with his 100mbit! Does this mean that the server is handeling this well? I will move apache download thing to another server btw! Or is it to much when server goes over 100 % on that munin graph?

the cpu load just says nothing. you need to observe the stability of the server fps. if they are constant (and your connection is not overloaded by some download) the server will be good. if they are dropping often or simply variate much, you will notice this in the game as lags or imperfect hitbox positions. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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