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TF2 Server Crashing
I just put up an achievment server, the map auto kills you and after a few deaths it crashes. This is what console is saying:

Quote:Auto detecting CPU
Using SSE2 Optimised binary.
Enabling debug mode
Server will auto-restart if there is a crash.
Could not locate steam binary:./steam, ignoring.

Console initialized.
Game.dll loaded for "Team Fortress"
Particles: Missing 'particles/error.pcf'
maxplayers set to 24
Unknown command "r_decal_cullsize"
maxplayers set to 24
Unknown command "startupmenu"
Network: IP 111.222.333.444, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27016 SV / 27008 CL
ConVarRef room_type doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Executing dedicated server config file
[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; unable to update local steamclient. Continuing with current version anyway.
sv_pure set to 1.
Note: Changes to sv_pure take effect when the next map is loaded.
exec: couldn't exec achievments_autokill.cfg
Adding master server
Adding master server
Connection to Steam servers successful.
VAC secure mode is activated.
Client "Stanley" connected (111.222.333.444:55978).
./srcds_run: line 352: 28436 Segmentation fault (core dumped) $HL_CMD
cat: No such file or directory
email debug.log to
Sat May 23 19:24:05 PDT 2009: Server restart in 10 seconds

I've tried updating my installation and it say sit's all up to date.

This is my first TF2 server, any ideas?


Server OS: CentOS 5 32bit
Processor: Intel Xeon X3220 @ 2.4GHz Quad Core
Ram: 4GB
Game(s): TF2
Start Up Command:
echo "Starting TF2 Server 1"
sleep 1
screen -A -m -d -S tf2-server1 ./srcds_run -debug -console -game tf -port 27016 +maxplayers 24 +map achievments_autokill -autoupdate
Admin Mods: None
Try taking -debug out of the command line once. Last time i checked, adding debug to the startup line is just for that, debugging. Could be causing conflict. Can't say for sure though

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