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rcon problem - unable to connect to remote server
HI all,

I've setup everything, and the problem is that I cant get my rcon to work in game. I've forwared all ports and still get nothing.. Please help me someone..

When you type "status" in console, what IP address is showing? you should see the servers IP address.
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It shows

Is the server accessable to the outside?

the IP in status should read your LAN IP if you're bhind a router, which i assume since you said you forwarded ports.

whatip are you using to connect to rcon? your WAN(external) IP or LAN (internal) ip
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Yes, it is my LAN IP and Im using a router, and I've forwarded all ports... Also, when I added my ip address in my command, I finnaly got it working, but for some reasons, its not shown on steam list...

Wat ./srcds_run command do u use and how do u know if it is shown on steam after u run the command? DO u need to get auth address?

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