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Little to no health on respawn
I'm not sure where to post this, I've installed a metamod/sourcemod on a linux dedicated tf2 server and last night everyone would instant respawn with full health, today when people respawn they have little to no health at all and have to resupply to gain the health, is there a setting somewhere to fix this, or was it a plug in I added that messed it up? If anyone knows please let me know.

Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to fix it? If it was a plugin which one was it? Or is there a cvar command to allow full health on spawn?

I'd be greatful for anyone information on the subject.

thanks again.
I bet it's out-of-date, as there just was released alot of new updates. Try waiting, I guess that BAILOPAN & co. will be fixing it soonly.
I wasn't sure, I have updated from the last snapshot of sourcemod and updated teh server from stream, so everything is current as of today. I used a source code i found on the net to set the hp level on respawn for now so atleast users start wit halittle bit of health, the only problem is that there is one setting and I have it set at 160 so every class starts with the same hp. So users using heavy etc still have to hit the resupply for now.

Hope there is a fix soon!

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