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VAC2 (public beta)

i just wanted to know if anyone else is having issues of lag/spike since VAC2 Beta public release, where all servers are now "Secure".

i'm having issues since this update, where people lag and spike for sometimes up till 5 seconds.

my server had no problems before this update.

Sorry, I'm not having those issues. I'm sure there are some that do though. You might be able to help centralize the problem to a particular operating system or hardware if you provide your server specs though.
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VAC2 doesnt even work on my server and i cant find a fix!!

Everytime i start it up it says that it cannot establish connection to steam, and that VAC is shutdown or somethin like that!!

Can someone help me with a fix?

DMZ Your server via your router set up. That may help you connect to the secure servers.
what ports are needed for VAC2?

I only have 27015 open =\
Just DMZ your server so you can have any program use any port that is not specified.
jus wondering if vac has cought any cheats in hl2dm servers of it this is mostly just for cs:s.. my server has been vac secured for a while now and i havn't seen any vac ban's..
well, apparently theres a vac2 proof hack out now that can disable vac

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