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[resolved]KillingFloor server not showing up in server list
Hello I'm new to this forum(but not SRCDS) and I'm trying to host a KillingFloor server and I can't see my server in the list or lan
I know it's not firewall because I make settings for it and I forwarded all my ports so it's none of the two I can host GarrysMod, Counter Strike source, and Team Fortress 2 servers with no problems I'm using "ServerChecker 3.03"
here are my specs:

Dell inspiron 530
Windows Vista Basic 32-bit
Intel Pentium Dual-Core @ 2.2
And a 232GB Western Digital hard drive

Here is my command line:
C:\servers\KillingFloor\system\ucc server KF-BioticsLab.rom?game=KFmod.KFGameType?VACSecured=true?MaxPlayers=6

Any help will be greatly appreacated
there has been quite a lot of updates in the past few days. do -verify_all ... should fix the problem.
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fooz Wrote:there has been quite a lot of updates in the past few days. do -verify_all ... should fix the problem.

Thanks for to quick responce but that did not fix the problem it's still not showing anything in the server list
be 100% sure that these ports are forwarded

7707 UDP/IP (Game Port)
7708 UDP/IP (Query Port)
7717 UDP/IP (GameSpy Query Port)
28852 TCP/IP and UDP (Allows your Server to Connect to the Master Server Browser)
8075 TCP/IP (Port set via ListenPort that your WebAdmin will run on)
20560 UDP/IP (Steam Port)

If they are all forwarded... try adding the server to your favorites.. and see if it'll show up.. if then you don't see your server, wait for someone more experienced to help you out here.
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Ok so I just looked at my routers settings and I noticed that my computer has new settings for it...
About a month ago I removed my wireless card and hooked a 30ft cord to it
When I hooked a new connection to my router it made new settings for it
So I disabled the routers firewall and it works like a charm!

So thanks to the people that helped me and good day to you all!
no problem.
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