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Required Killing Floor Dedicated Server Update Released
John Wrote:A required update for Killing Floor has been released for both Windows
and Linux dedicated servers. All dedicated servers must be updated to be
compatible with the client version now on Steam (and to show in the
server browser). This update includes many fixes and improvements.
Additionally, as was suggested in my other message to the list, please
update your server's tick rate per the following instructions to fix the
issue for some player's disconnecting from a server after a short time
of play:

1) Stop your server process.
2) In the IpDrv.TcpNetDriver section of KillingFloor.ini make the
following change:

Change this:

To this:

3) Restart your server

Additionally, here is the changelog for the update:

- Fixed a number of known exploits on each map.
- Fixed Listen Server Hosts not showing as playing on a server in Steam
- Fixed the game prompting for a password after the password was already
entered into Steam, when connecting from the Steam Server Browser.
- Fixed exploit where players could shoot other players with shotguns
and launch them on top of things or out windows.
- Fixed exploit where players could change their Perk multiple times in
order to get discounts on particular items. Players can only change
their Perk once per Wave now.
- Fixed shotguns making Specimens fly back excessively online.
- Fixed Server Browser becoming non-responsive when connected to a
- Fixed exploit that players could use to purchase something even when
too heavy.
- Fixed Listen Server Hosts' Perks getting duplicated to other players
connected to their server.
- Fixed purchasing of a Handcannon appearing to discount other weapons.
- Fixed a collision problem with crouching that was allowing exploits.

- Improved the detection of Headshots on the Specimens.
- Removed the scaling of players' names over their heads, which was
causing long names to be unreadable.
- Changed Default Tick Rate for Internet Servers to 30 instead of 20 to
improve the online experience for players.
- Hitting Escape now closes the Weapon Selection widget on the HUD.
- Toned down the Blur and Camera Shake when a Specimen hits you. Blur
now fades out more quickly.


John Gibson
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