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fps_max 30 (clientside)

So I have on my DR server (Deathrun) some people (A whole clan actually) who's using fps_max 30 on there client.
Now I would like to know does this effect the gameserver?
If it's used on the client, then no.

It will ONLY make him more laggy. But you might see him have abit of lag.
I guess they believe in the myth, that "low" cmd rates like 30 give an advantage. as the cmdrate is limited by the clients fps, fps_max will result in a cmdrate of 30, even if the server enforces higher client settings via sv_mincmdrate. In fact, having 30 fps gives you more disadvantages than advantages. Real low rate hacking would use a cmdrate like 10, which cannot be achieved without some solid hack (changing some cvars isn't enough).
So you might just ignore them, your server is not affected, and they will not really seem much laggy, as 30 fps is still above what the human eye can perceive (or at least right at the limit). (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Clients rates will only effect the client itself.

Server rates will effect all players.

Howerver, the client may look to be laggy when other players look at him.
Clans will do this so they are harder to be hit. I think it is annoying when people use the game settings for personal gain. Just play with the default settings! Toungue
Beaverbeliever Wrote:Just play with the default settings! Toungue

I play with default settings, except from rates. Toungue
It seems they can Bhop easier with this trick.
Thnx for the replies!
They might have a Bhop script or they just have binded their jump key to scroll up&down. That would make Bhop very easy Smile
btw: default settings are 20/30 for the rates.... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!

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