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Killing Floor disconnect fix (ini change)
John Gibson Wrote:We have been getting reports that a small but significant amount of
players are experiencing a particular type of disconnect issue when
playing Killing Floor. The issue is that they will connect to a server,
play for about 15 seconds, and then get disconnected. While we are
working to find the root cause of the problem, we have found a
configuration tweak that can be made in the KillingFloor.ini file for
the server that has been solving this issue for players connecting to
the server. The fix is as follows:

1) Stop your server process.
2) In the IpDrv.TcpNetDriver section of KillingFloor.ini make the
following change:

Change this:

To this:

3) Restart your server

There will be a small but negligible increase in CPU usage from
increasing this setting for Killing Floor. The benefits will be fixing
the disconnect issues, lower ping for players, and a generally smoother
gameplay experience. I do not suggest increasing this value higher than
30 at this time. Thanks to Steven Hartland from Multiplay Ltd for
helping us benchmark this fix.

We will be incorporating this change into the default ini settings in
our upcoming server update expected Thursday afternoon (May 20th). We
will not be forcing this setting however, so if you want to apply it to
your servers you will need to make the change manually. We highly
suggest that all KF server admins make this change.


John Gibson
Tripwire Interactive LLC
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