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[TF2] Server Lost Connection - No Loadout

This is seeming to somewhat frequently on my servers, all four of them. I have posted in the TF2 forum, but because of the spy update and all that it just get's spammed away quite quickly, with no answer.

Does anyone have an idea as to what might be causing this? Or a possible fix besides restart? Hopefully a simple cvar?

Do you play on the same computer you run your server on, if so, click here.
No, I host 3 servers on a dedicated box that I have leased out, and one server is hosted separately by a server company.

This is for ALL players on the server, not just me.

Also, the avatars next to the players names are missing when this happens.
You might try a server reinstall, but first check your port forwarding and your firewall. Make sure it is updated as well.
Servers are both fresh and old.
Port forwarding is fine.
Firewall is fine.
Server is up to date.
This is a steam issues and there is nothing that can be done to fix this. Please stop double posting.
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You're assumption of a double post is atrocious. I had the same question in both Windows and Linux forums, because I have one of each server.

Will the answers me the same? Do you know? Is there a previous thread that states "there is nothing that can be done to fix this"?
Yes it is considered a double post as most of the people read both this and Linux. Please post your question only once. Smile

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