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[SOLVED]Css server is not listed/visible to others
Hello, i have made a counter strike source server with srcds, i have installed all plugins....mani admin ...addons ....and other...The server is ready. I can join but when i tell someone to join it ...he cant: the server does not appear Sad :S

Generally, i dont know what is the cause of this problem...maybe it's the cause of my ip.
I dont know what to use....the server that i can join now has : as ip. is the ip of my pc which doesnt change..Is this the correct ip i should use??Or the other which i can change(with modem restart)??

Can anyone help me??After i finish making the server what should i do to make him visible???any solutions....??

Give them your external IP: you can check it here:

Give this IP to your friends and add the : port after it.

And have you done portforwarding? Check this:

You have to connect to this IP:
ok thanks i will try and i will tell you the results...
thaaaaaaaaaanks!!!! Problem solved!!!! Now everything works fine!! thanks!!!

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