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need help people cant join tf2 server (srcds) what is the problem?

.jpg   Untitled.jpg (Size: 27.51 KB / Downloads: 8) hello i need help people cant join my server it tells them server is not responding this is what i use with the srcds (C:\HLserver\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game tf +ip +clientport 27025 +maxplayers 12 +map arena_well)
and this is the run cmd
.jpg   dfd.jpg (Size: 65.47 KB / Downloads: 5) ok i have a linksys wag200g router this is what the single port forwarding look like
.jpg   Untitled.jpg (Size: 27.51 KB / Downloads: 8) and this is the port range forwarding look like
.jpg   Untitdled.jpg (Size: 46.3 KB / Downloads: 7) and this is the dmhz
.jpg   dfvd.jpg (Size: 25.74 KB / Downloads: 3) (i dont know what that is this is my ip and everthing
.jpg   ref.jpg (Size: 43.92 KB / Downloads: 1) ok my fire wall is turned off what am i doing wrong if u want anything more just tell me and i will provid it
Umm you don't need DMZ, but my router is also linksys, and doesn't allow ports to overlap, like 27000-27015 both, 27010-27050 both. Also, large ranges can cause problems on some routers. Make sure sv_lan is 0.
You don't do port forwarding and DMZ at the same time.

Here's what you can try to do.

1. disable all port fowarding and leave the DMZ enabled. DMZ means that the there is NO hardware firewall.

2. If that doesn't work, disable DMZ. Reenable the port fowarding. Do not mix or overlap those port forwards like Soostoked said. If you have a single port, don't put it in a RANGE. Only do ranges in the RANGE section and only do single in the SINGLE section.

Try again. Big Grin
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