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Srcds Crashes on Map Change
I am running a Counter-Strike Source server on Windows XP. On map change the server crashes. I change the map through changelevel map in console.

I am running The latest Mani [Beta S I think], Metamod 1.7.1, and SourceMod 1.2.0.

I have tried running the server without Mani, and the problem still continues, so i believe its SourceMod making the problem. The server runs perfect until map change. Everything is installed correctly. Is there anyway to solve this problem??
Try remove all the plugins and then test.
It works fine without SourceMod, but i need that for CSSDM. Is there anyway to get SourceMod working correctly?
try reinstalling sourcemod
I have, several times on both XP and Vista.
Take out all of the admin plugins in sourcemod
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kk ill try that, if it works ill post.

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