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L4D server config with only local server
hi everyone,

i want to change the default server type to local server instead of dedicated server. i know there are options, so you can change to either local server or dedicated server.
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The only way I could get LAN mode to work work was to use a command line switch. It's either "+sv_lan 1" or "-sv_lan 1" (I forget which). The console settings had no effect when I tried it.

I have to re-boot the server between running it in LAN mode, and running it in Internet mode. Which is annoying, but I have to do that if I want to play Survival or co-op because Lobbys don't work correctly if you are trying to connect to a local LAN server that can also accept Internet connections.

However, pretty much the only reason you would need to use LAN mode is if you wanted to run the server for a LAN party with no Internet connection.

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