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L4D Server - How to set up a Group Server with Lobby?

first of all: I am new to this forum, so hello @all.
I am Felix from Germany.

I am hosting a few L4D servers for out Steam User Group.
It's running fine so far but I have an "issue" with the versus server.
Have a look at my server.cfg:

// server name
hostname        MyGroup - Versus

// password for rcon
rcon_password   "*************"

sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

// Difficulty of the current game  (easy, normal, hard, impossible)
z_difficulty    Impossible

//For a server allowed to play all gametypes, but defaults to survival use this:
sv_gametypes "coop,versus,survival"
mp_gamemode "versus"

// steam group that has access to the server
sv_steamgroup *****

// only for members of certain steam group
sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1

// Lan or internet play, Server region cvars
//sv_lan 0 //Server is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses )
sv_region 3 // Region Codes: 0 - US East coast, 1 - US West coast, 2 - South America, 3 - Europe, 4 - Asia, 5 - Australia, 6 - Middle East, 7 - Africa, 255 - world

// Server Logging
log on
sv_log_onefile 1 //Log server information to only one file.
sv_logbans 1 //Log server bans in the server logs.
sv_logecho 0 //Echo log information to the console.
sv_logfile 1 //Log server information in the log file.
sv_logflush 0 //Flush the log file to disk on each write (slow).
sv_logsdir /usr/local/steam/l4d/left4dead/logs_versus //Folder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.

Like this, the server appears correctely in the Steam Group Servers list in the L4D client. However, there is no way to connect to it into a lobby, select your team and fire up the game.

Maybe it's just not possible? Do I have to use the sv_search_key command from the console? It did never work, for whatever reason, when I had it in the server.cfg. Or was I doing something wrong?
  • Start the Client
  • Open the console and type sv_search_key mykey
  • create a lobby
  • Start the dedicated server search

I heared it's not working very good in conjunction with the use of sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1

Thank in advance for your help :-)


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