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How can I reloead everything with out closing srcds?
I want to be able to restart my server off my website using php and I have it so it can send commands to my server. Is there any commands I can send to completely reload srcd's content through rcon?
What do you mean?

Like HLSW?
I think hes wondering if there is a console command that restarts SRCDS. The answer is maybe. There is 2 commands to switch map. The one more commonly used, changelevel [level_name] will change the level and keep all the people. The command map [map_name] will change the map to that map, and kick all connected players. So the Map might be considered a restart, but I'm not sure if that really restarts everything.
If you put your server in a loop (like using my srcds guardian script), you can send a quit command (such as exit) to restart the server. I think there is also a restart command, but I don't remember off hand.
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I prefer _restart.

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