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i started my own gmod 10 dedicated server and it worked fine and then it wouldnt let me or others use ANY wepons except hl2 weapons. I have installed assmod just before it stopped working but i have deleted it and it still doesnt let me use wepons.
in console it says that its giving my player a weapon but it doesnt.
I can use assmod to spawn the wepon but as i alk over it it dissapears instead of adding to my inventory.

please help
[Image: srcds-read-me.jpg]
~ trewq
im running windows xp sp2
using srcds to run garrys mod dedicated server
I havent changed any config from standard
assmod 2.2 is installed and the problem started occuring after i installed assmod but i still cant get my player to obtain any addon wepons or cs:s wepons.

I am sure my computers specs are upto it
i have a dual core 3 ghz processor, 1200 front side serial bus, 2gb ddr2 high speed ram and 200gb hdd space left.
this problem is only for wepons!
what weapon did you spawn that disappeared?

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