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Port Forwarding Requirements
Hello Everyone,

Ill give the question first and the information second.

I would like to run two dedicated game servers on the same Windows Server 2003 box while using the same IP for both dedicated game server instances. What ports need to be forwarded on my Linksys router, and what configuration files do I need to change, or what variables do I need to add to the startup command line as a result of the port forwarding? (This is my first time hosting a Windows Server, I've always used Linux servers in the past)

I'm hosting a HL2 mod on a Windows Server 2003 box that is behind a Linksys router.

After turning off Windows Firewall and forwarding ports 27015 for SV and 27005 for CL and including ( -ip -port 27015) in my startup command line, my game server runs well and people can join with no problem.

I noticed that by default, the game chooses ports 27015 for SV, and 27005 for CL. I don't know how to address the CL port when running a second HL2 mod server on the same machine, or if I even need to.

Do I just forward one port for the second HL2 mod server, or do I need to forward two, or more, ports? Did I even need to forward port 27005 for CL in the first place? Are there some other ports I need to forward that Valve needs to access? Please help, this is the first time I've hosted a server (or two servers) behind a router.

Thank you! = )

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