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Installing different games--I'd like a better understanding... please :P

I recently installed a TF2 dedi using the hldsupdatetool.bin on a linux box without any problems. I also have a cs16 and a cs:s on the same box that were installed a few years ago using the same method. They have been long abandoned and I'd like to resurrect them. But I'd like to organize them (for admin reasons) and this is where I get confuzzled because I don't understand the naming/location conventions the servers seem to use..

I originally started writing out a full explanation, but decided people probably won't bother to read/help so here is the short version:

I've been installing different games into their own folders, but they use the same engine files do they not so is this inefficient? Can I install: tf2, cs:s, cs16 all in the same folder and will they separate and not conflict with each other?

Because if I look at the current directories I have housing these gameservers right now and they are structured differently. The cs16 and cs:s have their binaries in the main folder whereas tf2 is in the orangebox directory one up from the main folder (it makes the main folder seem completely useless). So if the srcds_run files get put in the same spot (apparantly only sometimes) will they be able to use the same file more than once at a time to run a different game at a time?

Does anyone understand what I mean? I looked around a bit but coudn't find much...

Help is greatly appreciated! thank yuu!

You can install all those games to the same directory if you wish. Truthfully, it doesn't really matter. I would say you are better off with different directories only because it keeps things more organized.
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For fun I installed CS:S into the same location as I did the TF2, and they don't seem to conflict with each other.. also the installation took significantly less time, so I think I'll attribute that to being because of the hl2 folder already being available.

Looking though, I don't think the regular cstrike would install very well, as they have some conflicting paths. Although cstrike uses a different engine, so there's no efficiency factor of installing them in the same location. Just seems to me that valve is a bit all over the map for this.

Thanks for your input!

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