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Two srcds processes simultaneously
I'm configuring srcds_l for a LAN party and I'll be running CSS and CSS with gungame at the same time.
The way I acheived this last time was sketching up two shell scripts both executing srcds_run with the various switches, ending with with an +exec gg_on.cfg or gg_off.cfg, thereby loading a different config file specifying whether GunGame was loaded or not.
My question is whether I can essentially duplicate the entire cstrike/ directory, rename it (to gungame for example) and then launch that directory as an argument for srcds_run? Such as:
./srcds_run -console -game gungame +tv_enable 1 +maxplayers 12 -tickrate 100 -secure
The aim being to keep two seperate directories for each instance of counter-strike, so I can configure other plugins like MAM independently and keep the dirs more organised?
I appreciate that it might not be quite as simple as that, but I was wondering whether maintaining two seperate game directories was possible?
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You can duplicate the cstrike directories. Use different ports for each instance. Maybe a different server.cfg and/ or motd.txt.

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