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Does SourceTV cause any lag?
Hey all, I need to know if having SourceTV on the server is very difficult for the server (causing any lag...). There is a cup coming tomorrow, and I'm afraid that my dedicated server won't be able to take all of these servers + 64 slot SourceTV on every one of them.

2U System with 6x HotSwap bays, 510W EPS Powersupply, Lowprofile
Intel Xeon L5420, 4 Core at 2,50 Ghz, 2x 6MB L2 Cache, FSB1333
Tyan Tempest i5100W Mainboard, S5376, 2x GB Lan, VGA
12 GB DDR2 PC667 DDR2-Ram registered ECC, Kingston
Western Digital 500GB SATA2 HDD RE3 24/7, 16MB Cache, 7200RPM

And I need 8 servers with 3 slots each (and SourceTV). I can't try this as I'm getting the dedicated server tomorrow, so please give me your opinion, as it will be too late tomorrow evening. + will taking SourceTV off help to cure the lag if it occurs?

Thanks y'all!
run stv relays. source tv itself is only ment to hold 5 people at most. by running relays it creates a separate service so that with people spectating it doesnt draw resources from the game server. With my experience the stv itself gets stuck into an idle loop which drops fps from 1000 to 500 every so often.[/u]
agreed, 64 spectators without a relay will lead to drops (and also the tv will seem very laggy). unfortulately each srctv will be then one extra server, so you would be running 16 servers. that is usually too much for a quad core (even though srctv doesn't require so much ressources). If you really must run all this on that single root server I would recommend setting the war servers to a higher priority (using chrt not nice, see my kernel howto) but keep the srctvs on standard priority and scheduling. this way you will at least protect the games from getting laggy. also you might want to set the snapshot rate to something low.

one more advice: test this long befor the cup. I have even heard of people having problems setting servers to high priorities with chrt (they get like 100% cpu load then). virtually anything can go wrong :-) (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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thx guys, what about tv_autorecord 1? Would that be using a high number of resources (8 sourcetvs recording at the same time to the same map)...
It will at least create large files on your disk and thus create some disk io. I wouldn't do this if I had to. Will only rise the number of potential problems you have ^^ (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!

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