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I am having problems geting my server online
I know that the server is wking bc i can connect to it via Lan connect
but when I check 2 see it it is online using gametrigger it says that it dosent exist... I have also tried to get friends to connect to it but they get a server not responding message...

my startup command line is this:
C:\SRCDS\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -tickrate 33 -ip -maxplayers 10 +map de_dust2
(this ip is my internal ip)

I have forworded these ports:
TCP 27020-27039
UDP 1200
UDP 27000-27015
to a public ip: (i saw no option in my router page to choose the ip it fwed to...)(this ip is my external ip)

My router is a:
2wire gateway 2700HG-S

I have opened these ports in my windows defalt firewall (my only fire wall):
TCP 27030
UPD 27030

My operating system is Windows XP

I am using the Mani-admin-plugin

sv_lan is set to 0 in my server cfg

If some one can help me it would be great I have been banging my head on my desk for more than 2 wks over this....
Open the ports to your local ip ( on the router.
I told you that my router wont let you it dose it auto depending on the couputer you choose.....
Give us a screen shot of your router's port forwarding screens.
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ok I got the pics from the page and tryed to make it ezer for you to read them... I know i am suposed to set up a static ip and i did but is there any way i can do it without using a static ip (it is kinda risky making my ip static...)? how does no-ip work?

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It appears you have set it up correctly for your LAN. In this case, you are setting a static IP to the clay PC, that is what you want. Your firewall needs to know where to forward the data. Do not confuse this w/ Static IP relative to the internet service provider (ISP).

You don't need no-ip for this. Your ISP, as most do, provide an IP, the public one. Sometimes it changes, sometimes it doesn't. No-Ip is a service that checks what your public IP address is. When it does that, it updates the No-IP service, and associates whatever DNS name you picked to now use the changed IP address.

Example Day 1 public IP is xx.xx.xx.25 No-IP DNS name is

Example Day 10 public IP changed to xx.xx.xx.125 No-IP auto checks and updates the name to recognize that.

So, if you were to do a ping from Dos prompt: ping, it would resolve to xx.xx.xx.25 on Day 1, and then resolve to xx.xx.xx.125 on Day 10.

But this has nothing to do w/ you running a server.

I just noticed that your OP has a different public IP listed (ip: compared to your screenshots (

Your commandline startup -ip, is a LAN ip. I think you should change that to your public IP.....
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i was told in 2 different tuts that i had to set up a static ip to make it so that other people can connect to my server....

and ya i think i understand the no-ip thing now...

and i know about the ip thing my ip changed between the screen shots and now....

so you think i should use my public ip(the one that i get from the whats my ip web sight) in the startup command line insted of my inturnal ip (the one that command prompt shows me)?
hum i just tried puting my public ip in the startup command line and now it wont even come up it says it cant allocate the upd port (it did this befor when i dident have the correct ip in...)

i have had the server running befor i am just having probs getting it online so others can play it....

when i give the ip to them they try to connect and they find it but it says server not responding but i am playing on it..... on the lan tab.... (obviously)
Per your last screenshot of the port forwarding, assuming you did not change it since your post incorrect.

But before I elaborate on an should paste EXACTLY what your command line is now.
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C:\SRCDS\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -ip -port 27030 -tickrate 33 -maxplayers 10 +map de_dust2

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my ip has changed once again and dont accuse me of changing it........... like i said if you will read above my ip is dinamic not static i changes by its self................ i had to change back to dinamic because as of right now i dont know my dns servers ip so i cant set up a static ip again....... that is y i was asking if there is a way around it......
Go ahead and completely remove the -ip parameter.

Try it then.

There is always a possibility that a router does not work or lacks the ability for such port forwarding.
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ok i tried that and it came up all right but how do i check if the server is online if i dont know what ip to check for now? and if the "master server" ips that it shows in console are different from eachother dose that mean any thing? i also saw something else when it came up that i hadent noticed befor (the only reason i noticed this time is i had another program running so my server started up slower than norm and i could read it as it came up) in one section as the server started up it said "Incorrect price blob version! update your server!" dose that mean any thing? and y would it be saying that?
another thing i noticed is when i have the wrong ip on the command line that my server wont even start it says "cannot allocate the upd port" but when i do have the correct ip it opens all the way and says it succesfully connected to the steam servers or something like that and that vac was activated..... when i had no ip at all it came up ok but it dident even show up to me on my lan connection tab on servers list.... or game trigger

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