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High tickrate and rate SRCDS FAQ
the steam srcds is very.....well crappy. It is a resource hog, crashes constantly, will lag with players, everything that could go wrong, will go wrong. The standalone dedicated server is much better, everyone here will tell you that. If you click tutorials at the top its a step by step on how to download, and get it started running.
#32 the standalone is free? and all my data and Mods on my steam server work on the standalone?
yeah it will all work when you transfer it over. you might have to do a lil bit of reconfiguring. The standalone is free and once u get it u will b most happy with it. Just to warn u it does take a lil while as it's a lil over a gig.
ok igot it, now how do i transgfer all my source dedicated files to the srcds server?

thanks a lot!! hexitnow
No problemo burton, just glad to help out a fellow SRCDS'er. Anym ore question don't hesitate to ask.
man....i got it setup and stuff with all my files but its still laggy like my steam dedicated server?!?!?
Well it could be your rates improperly configured. What type of connection do you have. What is your upload bandwidth. Also hit alt-ctrl-delete and change the priority of srcde.exe from normal to high.
ok i have-

Download Speed: 3758 kbps (469.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 358 kbps (44.8 KB/sec transfer rate
-1.25 GB of RAM
Try chaning the priority and post back results.
priority is set to high , but we more than 4 pple join ping goes to like 900, can u give me all the settings, rate and ticrate for my specs.

i would use, mind you this is a round about figure.

sv_minrate 3000
sv_maxrate 5000
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxupdaterate 33

and use -tickrate 33 in your startup line. with 358 upload you wont be able to run anymore then 6 players. probably not even that much becuz i have an upload bandwidth of 1024KBPS and i cant run anymore then 12 players.
what kinda internet u got?
DSL 1536KBPS download and 1024KBPS upload. Cable is fast on download but is slow upload. Dsl slower download way faster upload.
i have dsl too, how come urs is a has higher down/uploads?
ok, this is diff but in the mani admin menu where it says "play sound", where do u add those sounds to make it play sounds?

and is the server i just installed, stay running while my computer is off, or do i have to leave my computer on to keep ther server going?

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