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Ok, I seem to have to asked the dumb question about "screen"

Is it a prompt or a term??

Do you need to install it, if so where from and where to??

I ask this as it's needed for the "keeping the server from falling down like a drunk" when I Ctrl+c

Thanks for looking.

Oh this is for Linux
Its an application for linux that detaches the terminal or w/e and opens a new one, so you run the server in the background and you can do other things then open it up again with a simple cmd
screen -x "name of screen"
for ubuntu
apt-get install screen
will install it for you
the linux tutorial shows a basic script for using it
I tried a few combinations on this "screen" thingy and atm she's not happySmile

after re-reading the below, I have found it to get abit muddling, bear with it please Smile
First I made this one:
echo "Starting dod:Server4"
sleep 1
screen -A -m -d -S server4 ./srcds_run -console -game dods +map dod_flash +maxplayers 16 -autoupdate

Got message back:
starting dod:server4
sleep: invalid time interval `1\r'
try `sleep --help for more info

Then this one:
echo "starting Dods: Server-4"
screen -A -m -d -S server-4 ./srcds/orangebox/srcds_run -console -game dod -autoupdate -ip *********** -port 27045 +map dod_flash +maxplayers 28 -tickrate 100 +exec server.cfg

Message back after typing screen -x server-4
screen: command not found

Tried: ./
Came back
:command not found:
starting dod:server4

Ok, so now i changed it again in the file to :
echo "starting Dods: Server4"
: screen -dmS server4 ./

typed ./
command not found:
starting dods: server4

typed screen server4
[screen is terminating]
Now I am in a page with the heading "screen", thought this could be good and launched the game, but in the same situation....have no bash prompt or cannot / don't know how to get back to the other screen.

It seems I have a issue with the file as it keeps telling me that the screen is not attached or I am in it and can't get out.
apt-get screen ( i think)
or yum install screen
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