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[RESOLVED] Can't add my server to favorites
So the main problem is what i can't add my serve to the favorites, i can connect with "connect ip" but to than trying to add it, CS do nothing Smile All others servers are adding normal.

sorry for mistakes.
All other servers? Is it your OWN servers? Or is it just some random server?
random Smile

And that server there, is the one you can't add to your favorites is hosted on the same computer as you play on? In your house?
Nope, not on the same, this is a cs:source dedicated server with last updates hosted on another computer Smile And when i ran on the same (this) computer, server adding good Smile But now, when i am running it on another, it won't adding Toungue All files are same, server ip pinging, and i am playing on it atm Smile
How about your firewall/s?
I have router, only ports 27015 and 27005 are open, my friends can connect to the server too, but can't add it Smile
Same problem as I have.
Doh =/ Shit happens Smile I ll try to make DMZ on router, if all will be ok, so smth with ports Smile Lets see...
I did DMZ too. Didn't work either. But all people could connect with connect <ip>
Have no idea what to do =/
Me too. Smile

I had a conclusion, it's like: Steam is bugged. I don't know if it holds water or not. Since NO one the last few weeks has been able to get their servers in the master list.
Are you running steam server? Smile I think its because of this, i am running non steam ( Rolleyes ) and because of cracked .dll files i have no master servers Wink I ll try start steamed one and try to add my server in fav Smile

Zomfg, i am just now started CS and found!!! my server in fav list o_0
Deleted it and added again, all fine! Big Grin
I don't use a cracked version...

Thread locked due to cracked files.

ps. I added [RESOLVED].

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