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solved bots running | Bot Crash
For Some Reason When A Bot Joins A Team It Crashes The Server.
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uhh the bots will not spawn no matter what we do they crash the server we buy the server from lowpings whenever we join a team and they spawn it crashes even when nothing is running
Are you even allowed to add bots?

Try ask your GSP.Smile
yes im useing rcon and it useually let us untill now
Well anyways, try to ask them. They might be better off helping you there mate.
already asked heres their awnser

On 5/4/2009 3:25:51 PM Rush T. wrote:
This would most likely be because of one of the following things:

1) Your server needs to have a Steam update ran on it.

2) Another addon is conflicting with the server's built-in bot controls.

3) The map you are attempting to load the bot does not have the proper bot files in place.

4) Someone may have manually edited the bot files to change something and left a typo in the configuration that is causing them not to function properly.

In any case, reinstalling your server would alleviate the problems you are having, but it would also wipe out any custom configurations that you have put in place. You can contact the individual who provided you with this sub-user account if you wish for them to reinstall the server. Let us know if you have any questions.

On 5/4/2009 3:20:24 PM thelonewolf wrote:
When A Bot Joins A Team It Crashes The Server Do You Know Why?
so i dont know what to do
It probably doesnt crash, but needs to make the bot file and LAGS the hell out of the server (uses a shit load of cpu, which is why most GSP's dont allow it)
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