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50 FPS max ... why ???
Hi all ... Maybe one day you had the same problem ... I can do everything i want, my fps (via rcon stats) isn't more than 50 ... Why ?
When i ser fps_max 500 or 1000 it's finally only 50 fps ... If i put fps_max 33 i've got something between 25-30 ...
Why do i have this 50 fps limit ?
Running debian with a 2.4.28-1

Thanks a lot
+fps_max 600 try that as 600 is the limit.

Also try running Windows media player and make sure you have the /high tag on your startup line.
Running a Debian not a Windows ...
But thanks for reply Smile
kernel 2.4 ?
Yes ... I installed a kernel 2.6 and everthing is ok now.
Did anybody try to switch the internal clock in his kernel(2.4.x) from the default value(100Hz) to 1000 Hz, perharps it can help too.

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