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Windows XP lagg and sv_downloadurl
Hi guys, I have 2 questions. First of all, I recently setup my own CS:S DS. I have Mani admin setup properly everything is cool and good, but...I am not sure if its because of my computer or what, but I get these huge lagg spikes sometimes, pings will go to around 500 for about 5 seconds and then go back to normal. I heard somewhere that there is something you must do to Windows XP for it to run a DS without lag. Anybody know how to do this?

Computer: 2.6GHZ P4, 512 DDR RAM, ATI Radeon 9200 128mb video card

I got a new comp and so I decided to make my old computer a server, my tick rate says 33 in game, and I would like to know if there is anyway I can make my server better and lag free.

Also, I would like to put a few custom maps on my server, does anybody have a web server for their custom file downloads that I could possibly share? My server wouldn't take up much bandwidth, maybe like 1GB a month but probably less. I am willing to put some adverts in thanking my Sponsors or something. Just let me know if anybody can let me link to their web server for custom maps, I would like to host a few surf maps, but anything would be great.

Talking about ? Think that's the url.
If you are running a server on a home connection your bound to have high latency. Gaming Servers
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its its a very good guide.. and you will have to mess with ur maxupdate rate and stuff like that.. laggfrees site says a lil about that.. i hear its not the best help though.. there somethings about it.. just search around...
wow, spelling lag with two g's is incredible annoying. Gaming Servers
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Not for me Toungue
I live in Iceland, and lag is spelled lagg in Iceland, and whenever someone says lag, I always think they're talking about a song... (lag = song in icelandic).
whoa... i did not know that about the song.. lol but yea.. it threw me off forever when i first tried to go to that site.. lol..

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