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RCON not working
I cant get rcon to work. I get cannot connect to remote server when i type in rcon into the console. Ive opened ports 27000 to 27050 tcp/udp already. I already did +ip (my external ip) and everything but still not working. Ideas?

The server is dedicated running from my pc. Are there any other admin tools or anything i can use then without rcon working?...

Have you allowed your server through your firewall? Can other players connect?

If you can't use RCON from within the game, other RCON programs wont work either.
dont run a firewall..other ppl can join fine...i meant alternatives are there any alternatives to rcon?
You can run mods that can allow you to perform all sorts of commands from within the game... But if you want to be able to access it without opening the game then you are bound to use some form of RCON access.
if you have mani admin you can use ma_rcon

and use all of the rcon commands just adding "ma_"
in front
[Image: 461031727.png]

Take a look at this post. Your setup is known to have problems, and maybe that guide can help explain why.
i get same thing with listen server...ideas?
Type 'rcon_address' (if you're hosting from the same computer) and make sure (really, make sure) your firewall is either turned off or allowing srcds.exe (and it's respective ports) through!
ive done that and i dont have a firewall..and ports are open..

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