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Alright, well...
I downloaded source dedicated server right off of steam and since then I have downloaded the Updater Tool and tried it several different ways. My problem is that I have a mod called RP Mod (role-play mod) and when I try to start a source dedicated server, it gives me the error: cannot find C:program:gameinfo.txt . So, I figured I should take the contents from the RPmod folder in SourceMods and copy it into a file called Program in the C: directory. Wrong. When I did that, I launched the server and when it got to the Loading Source Dedicated Server screen, it froze. I have also tried started a normal server and doing hlan_0 or whatever that is and it didn't put me in the list, still only on the LAN list. NEED HELP! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
It's sv_lan 0.
Try removing the mod and everything and reinstalling SRCDS.

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