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Intel vs AMD
I was considering either getting 4 x Socket F CPUs or 2 x i7 Socket 1366 CPUs. Which would be better? And what would be ideal supposing I want to host 64 slots at 100tick without lag. (I am not saying I will, but I want as much performance as possible).
the I7 cpu's by far!
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dualcore1289 Wrote:the I7 cpu's by far!

What about the new Shangai's?
well i would go with the quad shanghi's the way you can really use all 16 cores, instead of 8 pyshical + 8 hyper threaded. i7 isnt really a server cpu
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Not to mention the limit's of the game's engine itself make it impossible to hold 100tick over 18slots. In fact the limit for 66tick is about 32 slots. Anything higher specially 64 is 33tick strictly regardless of the server you have. I have found that the HT doesn't do much for the srcds, so the quad amd's would prolly be best if your looking for density. I would make sure you have enough bandwidth and such as that is quite alot of possible game servers for one little machine.
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If you can, get a Xeon. Those beasts are tailored for server environments and run stable and environmental friendly.
Doggie52 Wrote:If you can, get a Xeon. Those beasts are tailored for server environments and run stable and environmental friendly.

so are shanghi's, there specificily ment to be server chips nothing more. like i said b4 go shanghi more total cores possible.
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So what would be better? I plan on hosting COD4, TF2, CS:S, etc.

Would having these be better than having these?

Help is appreciated.
go shanghai if you want more slots (just because you can have up to 4 in one server) which= more servers. i7s are good there just not the best choice sure you will have the same amt of cores but you cant host of hpertreading... so once again shanghi's
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Shanghi also has more l2 cahce
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Don't forget that the chipset plays an important role. I have seen servers with the same CPU (both Intel E8400) behaving completely different with different chipsets.

PS: srcds can hold its tickrate on servers with e.g. 24 slots. it can even hold its fps at steady 1000 if you do everything right and have luck with the hardware... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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So any recommendations for AMD CPUs? I want the most performance.
Maybe the phenom II X4 with a 790 chipset is good(if you want to use gaming parts)
Shanghi Opterons for server
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Alright, since I have decided to go AMD, can someone explain the difference between: and

Apart from the clock speeds, why is one worth more than the other, is the difference noticeable?
Well # 1 has no heatsink or anything, just the proc, #2 has more media features (means better server) #1 is more efficient (less electricity)
so based on my conclusions
#1 is cheaper, has no heatsink, does not have as much media features (like sse and such), lower clock speed, and is more efficient
#2 is more expensive, has a heatsink, has lots of media features, higher clock speed, and has a greater power because there are not as many energy saving features that limit cpu usage
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