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Several servers per folder?
Hey guys, tomorrow we are doing a smaller CS:S cup... now I have a dedicated server and I'm planning to put 8 servers (4 slot) on it tomorrow for the cup. I already have this folder made (cstrike, cfg and all that) so I can run the server on it. However, I want to set a different rcon, password on every each and one of them. Is there another way beside installing this folders for every server?

Plus, is there any way to block users from changing the map with rcon. Maybe a command line cmd? Thanks!

If you have a script to start each of your server, you could do like this. Simply just create a server.cfg for all servers. But server one's server.cfg will just be named server1.cfg and then server 2 will have a server.cfg named server2.cfg.
Since if you named it server.cfg, all other servers would load it too Toungue

And then run your servers like this:

// Server #1
   srcds_run -game cstrike -tickrate 100 +map de_dust2 +exec server1.cfg

   // Server #2
   srcds_run -game cstrike -tickrate 100 +map de_dust2 +exec server2.cfg

   // Server #3
   srcds_run -game cstrike -tickrate 100 +map de_dust2 +exec server3.cfg

Yes you can block it with an alias command, like this:
Just add this at the end of your startup line.
+alias "changelevel" "say Map cannot be loaded"

Example for all the servers.
// Server #1
   srcds_run -game cstrike -tickrate 100 +map de_dust2 +exec server1.cfg +alias "changelevel" "say Map cannot be loaded"

   // Server #2
   srcds_run -game cstrike -tickrate 100 +map de_dust2 +exec server2.cfg +alias "changelevel" "say  Map cannot be loaded"

   // Server #3
   srcds_run -game cstrike -tickrate 100 +map de_dust2 +exec server3.cfg +alias "changelevel" "say Map cannot be loaded"

This should solve your problem.

- realchamp.
oh goodies, i love you, thank you so much Big Grin
You welcome Smile
or use: +servercfgfile server2.cfg
ortherwise all have same server.cfg
"the box said 'requires windows xp or better'. so i installed linux"
Linux Ubuntu 9.04 Server 2.6.30-vanilla #1 SMP PREEMPT x86_64
Instead of creating a new post i will hijack this one. Is it possible and how do i use different mapsycles + motd if i run two servers from one installation.
I see a possible way with MOTD.

Since it's HTML code, you could set it to different properties.
explain in more detail. please
found a solution i will test

ad this to server1.cfg

// map cycle for this server
mapcyclefile "mapcycleserver1.cfg"

// motd file for this server
// Note: You could simply have this as motd.txt in all config files, so that all servers share the same config file
// This is just an example so you know how to specify individual ones if necessary
motdfile "motdserver1.txt"
That should work.

But strangly enough first i thought that it did not work because the server wouldn´t change map as it should. But if a user "me" logged into the gameserver something was trigged and now it changes maps automagicly.

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