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Really, really new to this as it has been landed on my lap, so over the next week or so there might be some really sad posts going up in the forumsSad

In a situation where we have 4 cpus for 4 srcd servers (games) all on the same IP, I already read the post on changing the IP address so thats not too bad, tricky part will be for me is how do i assign the port of my choice to that IP??

thanks for looking
if the servers are on the same machine. and like you said, the same IP (internap IP) then forwardin the ports to for example is all you would need.

when you cahnge the IP i think you mean changin the port. so you have 4 servers an example would be

so since when you "change IP"

all you're doing is changing port. you wont have a problem since you forwarded the ports to not the port itself.
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Here is an example of what I have atm:
Then I recieved additional IPs for the box that is being rented.

So now I can have:

I orginal kept a 10 space in the ports as steam likes this, but now will have 3 additional IPs, letting us have 4 servers ending in the port :27015
But I don't know how to assign the ports to the new IPs, well I don't really know how to assign the IPs but I have that tutuorail for reference.
Server1: -ip -port 2715
Server2: -ip -port 2715
Server3: -ip -port 2715
Server4: -ip -port 2715

Just put the correct IPs in and port.
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Going to have a go at breaking it tomomo.....*cough going to have a go at adding these IP's Smile
"Just put the correct IPs in and port. "

Tried this after a long prcoess..........

Now the can of worms I have now is that I cannot log into the server that I changed the IP, and no idea how to

I thought as the old server was bound to 1 cpu it would be easier to change the game from css to dods, change the ip to a new one and Bob's your uncle.
Sadly not......eck
Go open up a cmd prompt and type in ipconfig /all and use the IPs listed there (not the dns or gateway)
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^^Sorry dude, this is linux.
try ifconfig for linux

ifconfig -a
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