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Players not respawning instantly after a round end
I run a glass only map server and I am starting to see a problem with the players respawning at the end of the round. The round will end and instead of everyone respawning instantly it can take anywhere from 5-15 secounds for the next round to start. When this is happening I will get a message saying Connection Problem as if the server has stopped sending data. Any ideas? It seems to only happen where there is a good amount of players on the server, say about 8ish.
bump still having this problem Sad
Well its a custom map so bugs are always a present issue.
2 possibilities that come to mind right away

running out of cpu/ram
running out of bandwidth

I think it would be more the first though
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Nope, the CPU usage stays the same the whole time. I increased the tic rate and it seemed to reduce the time players were frozen...

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