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Weapons not working
Got my server up and running a few days ago, for garrys mod.

It was working great, until i installed some addons to it.

I installed Wire, PHX3, and Nuke Pack 4.

Now the weapons arin't working ingame, i have tried several things, from updating, to changing it from gui to console, and uninstalling(deleting) all addons, from my garrys mod, and the servers addons folder.

I think it happened when i put in the Nuke Pack 4, but i can't be too sure.

Any ideas? I don't wanna reinstall the server, but if thats the only option, i will.

Edit: Also, the weapons are working that you have by default, but, when you press q, and go into the weapons tab, and click a weapon, none of them work, it just stays on the phys gun, or whatever your already using.


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