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How to make a survival server?
I am actually hateing the left4dead server setup, it's stupid, and confusing. The other source games are fine though.

Alright I just want a survival server, and maybe the ability to change it to another game mode.

So to launch my game I do
-console -game left4dead -port 27017 +map l4d_airport01_greenhouse  -tickrate 66 -ip maxplayers 18

Then in my server.cfg I have this
sv_lan 0
sv_region 1
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
sv_cheats 0
sv_contact ""
rcon_password "hidden"

So I tried to make the game a survival server, but how do I do that? I join the server via console, and it's a coop server...
I try doing sv_gametypes survival doesn't do anything
I tried mp_gamemode survival didn't do anything.

How do I make it a survival server? And I can't change it ingame, I can't vote to return to the lobby for some reason? I am pretty damn confused and could use some enlightenment.
I have the same problem.
One issue I notice is that you have no dash in front of maxplayers in your start script and just to confirm you know that your server ip is not really 192 168 0 155 that is an internal ip from your router. try googling what is my ip.

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