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Settings on flags
I need help on everything about flags. There is a flag section where i have to add something to make it so i can use commands in-game. Does anyone know where i can find these codes where i can type in to make it so i can use commands such as kick/ban/burn etc.
Is it for Mani Admin Plugin?


Do you want to know what all the flags signs are?

And what all commands are for Mani Admin Plugin?
Yes it is for mani admin plugin and i want to know what i type in the flag section so that i can use commands
Here are the list of all flags and their function.

"A"    "Accept Vote"
"B"    "Menu RCon Vote"
"C"    "Cancel Vote"
"D"    "Menu Question Vote"
"E"    "Ma Rates"
"F"    "Burn"
"G"    "No Clip Mode"
"H"    "War"
"I"    "Mute"
"J"    "Reset All Ranks"
"K"    "Cash"
"L"    "RCON Say"
"M"    "Admin Skins"
"N"    "Set Skins"
"O"    "Drop C4"
"P"    "Set Client Flags"
"Q"    "Console Question Vote"
"R"    "RCon Vote"
"S"    "Set Skin Colour"
"T"    "Time Bomb"
"U"    "Fire Bomb"
"V"    "Map Vote"
"W"    "Freeze Bomb"
"X"    "Health"
"Y"    "Beacon"
"Z"    "Give Item"
"a"    "Private Say"
"admin"    "Basic Admin"
"b"    "Non permanent Ban"
"c"    "Map Change"
"client"    "Create Clients and Accesses"
"d"    "Drug"
"e"    "Explode"
"f"    "Freeze"
"g"    "Swap Player"
"grav"    "Per Player Gravity"
"i"    "Blind"
"j"    "Gimp"
"k"    "Kick"
"l"    "Slap"
"m"    "Slay"
"o"    "Admin Chat"
"p"    "Sound"
"pban"    "Permanent Ban"
"q"    "RCon Menu Level 1"
"q2"    "RCon Menu Level 2"
"q3"    "RCon Menu Level 3"
"r"    "RCon"
"s"    "Admin Say"
"spray"    "Spray Tag Tracking"
"t"    "Teleport"
"v"    "Random Map Vote"
"w"    "Restrict Weapons"
"x"    "CExec"
"y"    "CExec Menu"
"z"    "Config"

Here's the full command list:
Or some of it:
Can you give an example of how i can type it in?
Or do i just copy and past that??
Which one of them?
All of them please
you just put them in like
   "version"   "1"

   // This key group lists all your client players
      // This must be a unique client name
         // Client real name
         "name"   "mitchy"
         // Steam ID for client
         "steam"   "STEAM_0:1:13015481"
         // These are personal access flags for a player
            "Immunity"   "grav ping a b c d e f g h i k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y"
            "Immunity"   "autojoin"
            "Admin"   "q2 q3 grav pban A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V"
            "Admin"   "W X Y Z a b c d e f g i k l m o p q r s t v w x y z client"
            "Admin"   "admin spray"
and u just match the abilities you want them to have
Can i also get a list of all the commands such as ma_kick ma_ban ma_mute
Thanks you've been a great help!
i would recommand using ma_help in console to find all the cmds

The attached file might be missing some so have a look in your console

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