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Rough Estimate of Source usage on 5520
So I havent ran dedicated boxes in a while now, but I am looking to pick one up this week. I found a Intel Nehalem Dual Quadcore 5520 (8x2.26ghz) box with plenty of ram, bandwidth, space, etc.

I use to run Q6600s in my boxes, so im not sure how much better these new nehalem's are. I know on the Q6600 I could run a 24 slot TF2 server at 300fps (on 1 core) and use about 40% CPU give or take. Im wondering if this processor will have lower CPU usage than the Q6600 or what.

Im guessing with 8 cores im probably looking at between 3-400 slots depending on what games are running?
Well CPU usage wouldn't be much different if at all. The idea is density you have more cores to run more servers from a single box. Thus increase the denisty of game servers you have in one space...
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Well if thats the case, then it would make more sense just to run a much older dual quad xeon wouldnt it? It seems to me like there would be some difference in running the latest core technology over the older technology (nehalem vs c2q).
There is actually, from my point of view running high fps high tickrate source servers, on a Intel Core i7, the fps and tickrate seems to be alot more stable.
I've got a great quote on Dual E5520s If you'd like Toungue around 400$ per box fully loaded 3tb, dual 150gb 10krpm drives etc.
PS : the i7 is the same architecture as the E5520s.
Considering Turbo mode and HT, the cpus will benefit for game servers.
You should be able to run more than 400+slots cs:source 1000fps 100tick
[Image: 1789915.png]

Thanks for the info. As for that offer, I get a much better deal through my company so no thanks Toungue

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