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Problems with the new l4d ds

I've been trying to fix an anoying problem that occured when I updated my Left 4 Dead server today.

The problem is that the first time after installation the server runs fine but after it has been restarted it shuts down when someone connects. The reason for this was that when the server was shut down, some files were updated and a config folder containing, what I'm guessing is, invalid information about the master servers was created.

The temporary solution to this problem was to set the attribute of all files to read-only and simply remove the config folder before launching the server.

I'm running the following:
'Left 4 Dead binaries' version 15
'Left 4 Dead base' version 14
'left4dead win32 dedicated server' version 12
The operating system is Windows Server 2003 Enterprise.

The config/MasterServers.vfd file created when shutting down the server:

Also the sv_search_key stopped working after the update but that is another problem...

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