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.smx and .sp
whats the different and do u get troubles when u use theme both?
Those are plugins for the addon called Sourcemod.

.smx is the plugin file itself, the .sp file is the source file I believe. On a Sourcemod installation the .smx is put in the addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder and the .sp file is put in the addons/sourcemod/scripting/ folder.

EDIT: There is no problem in using both!
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so if you dont have theme both ( only sp or amx ) the plugin wont work?

cuz when i look for a plugin it says:

File Type: sp Get Plugin !!OR!! Get Source
that looks like you dont need theme both :S?
Look here.
Smx is plugin file.

In addons/sourcemod/scripts or something the .sp files are they are uncoded .smx files. if you want to chnge settings. Then code them back in exe file you get
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:S so only smx is neccesary for runing the scrip on ur server?
It has the same purpose as a .dll or .so.

It's the "main" file.

I think the .sp is the sourcecode. Smile
You can run the plugin by just using the smx. The sp file is just there incase you need to recompile the plugin.
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