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Another Bandwith/Server Optimization Questions
I have the following for a server:
Intel Xeon 3210 @ 2.13GHz Quad Core.
2 GIG Memory
2000GB of Bandwidth on 100 mbit Pipe.
Linux OS, using APF firewall. (all ports properly port forwarded)

My question: How many TF2 Servers can I run at 24/32 slots. (I'm having issues running a single 32slot on a server than i know can do better)

I ran a 32 slot svr last night right after the TF2 Update, I was getting getting some lockups every now n then. I dont know if it was because ive got my server config improperly setup or not, but i want to run 1 or 2 TF2 servers with 32 or less slots but I need to fine tune everything.

SO , im asking the community for help. I have mrtg graphs available for you guys to view last nights wave (i had full server for a few hours) and attached is my server config.

If you guys want to see mrtg graphs just ask and ill drop url.

Thanks all.

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