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stopped server, still activity on modem
i am running a srcds on a ubuntu box. so far every thing is running fine, fine untill i kill the server (ctrl+c). the server does quit, but the 'internet activity' lights keep blinking on my modem and router.

i have tried shutting down the computer to see if it would solve the problem, but nothing...the lightd keep blinking.

the only way i have found to stop the lights it to phyicaly disconnect the modem from the internet, then reconnect it.

anyone know what is going on?

It blinks because packets from all over the network hit each computer regardless if its meant for them or not...

just make sure process SRCDS.exe is not running.
there is no srcds.exe for linux installs. you probably mean srcds_run or one of the engine binaries
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regaurdless, its not normal for the lights to blink 5 times a second if you are not doing anything online… atlease for me its not.
That's completely normal. It takes a while until the master servers realize that there is no server on your IP address anymore. Therefore lots of IP packets will come to you even if you stopped your srcds.

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