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l4d fork 16 problems
Okay i have set up a 16 fork server on the latest stable debian distro
what i plan on doing is making 8 coop rooms with 2 of each difficulty
the same goes for the versus 8 with 2 of each difficulty

i have run into some problems
i cant get the versus games to load only versus maps, have tried with sv_gametype and a mapcycle.txt

the other problem is on average when starting my server only 6 of the forks become active
is there a specific reason this is happening

my server is a dual 3.2 xeon with 4 gb of memory and i am piped directly into a 50 mbps backbone

anyone have a problem like this when forking

if needed i will post my 16 cfg's, and logs
Some news on my situation i set my launch params to -fork 6 and it loads all 6 forks
I set it to 7 still only loads 6,
tested it out on a lan server i setup reral quick and it shows all forks in my "friends playing now" in the bottom left corner of the screen

still stumped on this and would love to get this running sometime soon so i can start modding it

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